120 € - Standard price

Max - 25 Trackouts

Want a balanced mix of vocals that blends with the rest of the song? 
If your vocals don't fit the rhythm the way you'd like, we're here for you. 
Have your vocals mixed so that they sound clean and fit nicely on the beat.

This service is for when you have separate tracks (drums, bass, vocals, guitar, etc.) and you want us to mix them.

This service is delivered without mastering your recording.


We will just mix your song and prepare it for the mastering engineer. 


     Mixing procedure

  • Importing Tracks 
  • Project Organisation
  • Editing
  • Gain Staging 
  • Pure mix 
  • Summing
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Parallel Compression
  • Parallel Saturation
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • FX - Delay
  •   FX - Reverb
  • Checkpoint
  • Final A/B Comparison

  • Sending The Mix for Listening - The Customer expresses himself - (Two rounds of changes includes in price)

  • When the customer is satisfied - We Print a Realtime Final Mix. ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .wav )

  • We will package it into a .zip file and send you a download link to email 

We require

  • Bpm of your song. 

  • Note specific requirements for the mix in messages when purchasing the service. 

  • Multitracks or stems properly described (example ,, kick,snare,hat,vox,double vox,backing vox, etc.) 

  • Tracks in Wav format (sample rate 44.1 kHz to 48.0 khz ) * Vocals should be well recorded and preferably clean. Make sure the vocal recordings have sufficient headroom for mixing (None of the exported tracks should be "RED" on the meter. [NO CLIPPING] )

The basic rate for Song mixing is 120 € - 80% of all projects we do fit into this price.We check projects and tracks before we start work and if we estimate that the project is too demanding and you can't fit into this price, we'll let you know immediately. Two rounds of edits are also included.  

We will send you an invoice for payment.  
We will start work only after receiving payment on our account. For regular customers with smooth cooperation, we may waive this condition. We usually send the finished work within 2-4 weeks after receiving all documents. We do our work properly and we do not recommend faster processing.  
Of course, we can agree on faster processing if you need it urgently but for an additional fee and as I say it is better to wait and not rush it. 

I need to compare A/B and take breaks to avoid bad decisions due to ear fatigue. 

Send us an email or a messenger to discuss when you can send us the materials and when you need the piece finished. Please do not send materials without prior arrangement.In some cases, we may not be able to accommodate you, for example, due to the large number of projects currently being sent out or a holiday.


Always send tracks in WAV format at 48,000 (or 44,100) kHz and 24 bits (these options can be found in the export window of each DAW)  
Export each track separately unless you explicitly want to maintain the aspect ratio or volume between the mixed tracks.  
Always export tapes in mono or center-centered stereo, with faders reset and effects removed. None of the exported acapella had "go red" on the meter. Definitely do not send bands to mix with reverb, echo or limiter, even if it sounds better to you. However, if you have a very specific requirement for an effect in a certain track, on the other hand, export the modified track directly to us, because it is not worth trying to imitate the effect for a long time exactly as you have to set it in the project.  

Export instrument tracks to us in WAV 44,100 / 48,000 kHz again and ideally 24 bits (Always at the same frequency and bit depth as you sent the acapella)  
If you have a very specific idea of ​​the instrumental mix or you do not have access to individual tracks, send it to us mixed.  
Always export tapes and instruments timed from scratch. This means that after deploying tracks in the project, their timing will sit beneath them.  
It will definitely help if you send information about the BPM and Key (key of the song) and especially the "demo" of your mix, so that we soak up the atmosphere and have an idea of ​​the whole song. You can also send a reference message so we know what you like.  
If we only do mastering for you, send us one mixed track in the above format (preferably 32bit float for Mastering), or separately mixed band and instrument, without adjustments on the master fader and a total output of about -6 / -3 db below digital zero.  

Upload your data to the repository(Google Drive,DropBox, . . . ) and send us a link to the email.  
!!! Pack your project files in a .zip file !!!


Before packing trackouts into a .zip file   
name them carefully !!!   

And at least double check that nothing is missing.  
This will prevent many unnecessary problems. 

None of the exported tracks must "RED" on the meter