Our experience with sound goes back to 2017, when we began to delve deeper into mixing.

 In our studio you can have a track mixed that you recorded in another studio or even at home. However, if you decide to record at home and use our studio for finalization, you should be aware that a badly recorded track (!) or a track recorded in bad acoustic conditions (!) will not sound professional even with the best mix, and mastering just won't improve it !!! So it's always better to consider whether it would be better to record the track in a studio where you will be 100% sure that the sound quality will be sufficient for further processing and for a good mix.

Recording tracks in the studio is time consuming and requires some preparation, control and discipline.Each track is unique and will need an individual approach. 
As well as communicating with you, an individual approach will also be needed, downloading all the recorded material, then checking it, making any corrections , editing and preparing the project for mixing. 
In addition to services we also produce sound packs, beats, MPC Expansion and more. 

If you have purchased a beat from us you are entitled to 20% discount on songmixing service.
We look forward to seeing you and your projects!!! 

Contact us --- Our email is here --- info@maiconbeat-production.com 

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MaiconBeat-Production instrumentals are created and engineered with top notch gear from reputable companies such as Presonus, Numark,Akai,Native Instruments,Korg,Yamaha, Universal Audio, etc.

Beats For Sale 
With several years of music production experience and quality production equipment, we at MaiconBeat-Production.com are seriously committed to providing our clients with ONLY the highest quality hip hop beats for sale! There are many producers selling beats online daily, so we understand that it can be difficult for artists to find production that is truly a diamond in the rough. However, many new producers don't have the experience or skills to understand the music like seasoned musicians do. And that's where we fit in! 
We're always learning new things,investing in new equipment,doing research and improving our skills.Nothing is an obstacle for us, instead it's a challenge. 


When you talk about a career in music, you NEED to license music production from someone who truly and deeply understands music. With such a crowded marketplace full of musicians and beatmakers with no sound and no experience, MaiconBeat-Production.com is trying to fill the gap for the vast number of independent artists looking for REAL music created by REAL musicians! We do not sample commercial recordings in our tracks. All of our sounds are either created by hand or purchased from our favorite quality sound design companies. Our beat catalog is originally composed! Each individual part of our beats is uniquely handcrafted within 1-10 days, sometimes up to a week.Recording itself sometimes takes longer and mixing usually takes the longest. 


We pay attention to the finest details! We work tirelessly to provide you with one of the most unique and highest quality beat catalogs for sale that you can find online today! Our production is not just the production itself ! Having trouble writing to beats? Let us give you a head start !!! Our services will expand with your needs. in the future we plan to make our post production a full recording studio. 
With your help and the use of our post production services this will be coming soon,we are designing our unique sound and working with industry standard equipment to create high quality Beats with Hooks! We create and soak up your inspiration. 


At MaiconBeat-Production.com, we strive to not only provide a high quality product, but also to help independent artists put more revenue in their pockets! When it comes to selling your music in digital stores and physical copies, our beats are Royalty-Free! You keep 100% of the profits from the sale of your music! Also, because our instrumentals are sample-free, you NEVER have to worry about having to delete samples when using our production! If a royalty-free-sample is used in an instrumental, we follow the license and that beat is only available for sale without stems.Our instrumentals are priced comparable to the competition, 
If you buy multiple beats, the discount is immediately applied without a coupon. By buying from us you save THOUSANDS on music production costs! 
In fact, when you buy a beat you are entitled to a 20% discount on mixing service. 


If you're tired of dealing with unprofessional producers, you'll find a breath of fresh air with us! We are a legally registered company MaiconBeat Production s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic. We have customer service that matches the quality of our music! All music products purchased at MaiconBeat-Store are delivered IMMEDIATELY with 0% waiting time! You can literally browse our beats for sale, choose what you like, download and start recording immediately! When you need serious music for your serious music career, look no further! Maybe we're making one beat for you right now! We really thank you for stopping by MaiconBeat-Production.com and hope to be an important part of your music career! Blessings! 


Michal Dobrovolny - MaiconBeat Production s.r.o.

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