Q. Is buying beats from MaiconBeat Production safe? 

A. Yes! We use PayPal,Stripe as our payment processor, one of the most secure and popular checkout systems in the world. 

Q. What does it mean to rent a beat? 

A. When you purchase a beat rental, you are simply buying the rights to use the beat on a limited and non-exclusive basis. MaiconBeat Production retains full ownership of the copyright to the song and may sell non-exclusive licenses of the same beat to other artists on an ongoing basis until someone purchases exclusive rights to the beat. At that point, the beat will be immediately withdrawn from sale and ownership rights will be granted to the buyer. 

Q. Can I use beats from the MaiconBeat Production website for a podcast introduction, YouTube video or Facebook ad? 

A. Yes! All beats on www.maiconbeat-production.com can be used for all types of creative endeavors, not just songs. Normal streaming/viewing limits still apply (see the pricing table for more information on the limitations of each rental level). If you have further questions, please email us at info@maiconbeat-production.com. 

Q. What if I purchase a non-exclusive license and someone later purchases exclusive rights? 

A. Purchasing Exclusive Beat Rights does not affect the status or validity of previous licenses, so you do not have to remove your music from streaming services, social media, etc. for the duration of the rental agreement. 

Q. Will the beat be removed or unsalable from the beat store after purchase? 

A. Only if you purchase exclusive rights to the beat. Otherwise, the beat will remain on the site for other artists until someone purchases exclusive rights. 

Q. What happens if I exceed the streams/units sales limit under my current rental agreement? 

A. You must upgrade your rental to the next level by contacting us at info@maiconbeat-production.com The upgrade price is simply the price of the new rental. 

Q. What is the difference between an unlimited and exclusive license? 

A. The usage rights are the same for both: you get unlimited sales, streams, etc. The difference is that if you purchase an Exclusive, ownership of the beat is transferred to you and the beat is immediately removed from our beat store or becomes unsellable and will never be sold to another artist. The Unlimited License is still non-exclusive, so even if you get the same usage rights as if you owned the Exclusive License, the beat will remain in our beat store for others to rent or buy. 

Q. How much do exclusive rights to a beat cost? 

A. The price of Exclusive Rights is variable and negotiable.

For more information, email us at info@maiconbeat-production.com