Breaking up is painful for both men and women, although men like to play tough and not show their true feelings. The truth is that they too deserve (and want) respectful treatment from women when they break up. 
It should be noted that few women (as well as men) manage to announce a breakup calmly. Of course, the previous disagreements or quarrels that accompany many break-ups are also to blame and do not make the situation any easier. And besides, behaving in a sophisticated manner even in difficult moments is often more difficult than "slamming the table" and spilling everything you have to say.

1. It's all the man's fault 

The first common mistake women make when breaking up is to blame the man for everything - by listing everything they dislike, dislike, etc. Often, they overdo it in an unhealthy way, which is a sign of unkind and immature behaviour. They may have plenty of faults, but to spill them all and still put on something extra is not ideal.


2. Starting a fight as an excuse to break up 

Looking for any little thing as an excuse or an opportunity to start an argument, during which you casually bomb that you don't want to be with him anymore, is also not an ideal solution.


3. They let the relationship fizzle out 

Many people stay in a relationship that is often not even a relationship anymore, out of fear that they don't want to be alone. "Realizing that you don't want to be with someone anymore doesn't make you a bad person. Letting a relationship fizzle out because you're afraid to end it or you don't want to be alone doesn't benefit either of you," 
Plus, by not addressing the situation, you're just delaying your chances of being happy with someone else.


5. Break up by text message 

Mobile technology is dominating people's lives in many ways, and breakups are no exception. It may seem to some that form via texting is quick and less painful, but the opposite is true. The feeling that your man is not even worth ending it with in person and face to face will leave you not only bitter but also disappointed. 
There is only one exception when such a move can be considered - when you are legitimately afraid of the situation, how the man would react to the break-up notice, and the threat of possible physical assault.


6. We can stay friends 

Offering the person you've been in a relationship with at least a friendship when the relationship doesn't suit you may seem like the kindest option in the situation. It may be, but experts say it can turn against you very quickly. 
If the person still likes you and doesn't want it to end, they will readily agree just to keep you around. And all the while he'll be trying, hoping and waiting for you to change your mind. 
You want to keep him waiting and slowly torment him. 
Your indecision is endless


7. Negotiating on what terms you will stay 

When a relationship breaks down, rarely do both people in the couple agree that it's a good idea to end it. Usually one is the "bad guy" who instigates the breakup, while the other wants to stay - even at the cost of "negotiating" what he can change, how he can change. 
But because you still like the other person, you agree and try to change.If you can't accept a man for who he is without him having to change to earn your love, he's not the right man for you. And even if he gives in and tries to change and you stay, sooner or later he'll be upset about it because he can't be himself." 
He's trying to do everything for you because he loves you.

|||| Never say: I don't think it would have worked anyway. ||||

We've never really been together properly 
Pretending that you haven't actually had a real emotional commitment with the person just to avoid an uncomfortable conversation about the future of the relationship is definitely not a good idea. This stage simply doesn't acknowledge the other person's feelings, thus hurting them enough as it is. The breakup will then be all the more challenging.


Do not harm or control another 

For trust to thrive in a relationship in general, it requires safety and security. Hurting each other, either verbally or physically, and the subsequent rejection creates fear that undermines trust. Likewise, with control of the other comes mistrust.


Disagreements or anger won't just tear you apart 

Anger, disagreement and conflict are inevitable in any relationship. However hard and whenever they come upon you, deal with them in a way that does not cause fear of abandonment.


Love each other without ulterior motives 

You and your spouse (boyfriend) should always be sure that you love each other as you really are.

No conditions, no ultimatums, no ulterior motives.