You cannot predict everything!!!!!!!

In the time I've been involved in music production, I've realized one important thing.

You cannot predict everything.

Everything we do as creators and musicians is one unpredictable, unknown 

We can pretend we know exactly what we're going to do, but we don't.

Even the best and most successful musicians have no idea what they are doing. I'm not talking about music theory, the recording process and so-called technical stuff. I'm talking about the core of the idea. 
Either it's easy from the start and it's a good catchy thing,or it's a hard earned thing and usually won't have a result like the first case I mentioned. 
So what sets these musicians apart from the rest? 
They're willing to TRY THINGS. 
They are willing to improvise and throw ideas on the table to see what sticks and what doesn't on the fly. 
They are not afraid to explore uncharted territory to find greatness in what they do. 
And when they do, they often innovate.

One of the greatest gifts we have as humans is the ability to DO THINGS. 
We have ideas and we try to make them happen. This is usually what sets us apart from other beings on this earth. 
We're fallible.Just like everyone else. 
As musicians, we tend to always want to PREDICT what will happen next. 
We find comfort in what we know and extreme discomfort in what we don't. 
But it is in the UNKNOWN that the magic we seek takes place. 
The UNKNOWN is a place we should all want to explore! 
I have found that one of the biggest challenges as a music maker is to commit and find the courage to explore the unknown. 
We want to know when the next payday is coming. We want to know if the beat we create will place. We want to know when our first "platinum record" will be, and we want to know who it will be with. 
Unfortunately, we don't know those answers. 
So what's left for us? 
We are left with only those things that are truly UNDER OUR CONTROL. 

So what do we have control over? 
Lots of things!! And when I say a lot, I'm not kidding. 
Most of what we have control over is what we do with our time. 
We are in control of who we talk to and who we share our energy with. Both the negative and the positive. 
We are in control of what music we want to make and how we want to express ourselves artistically. 
We have control over our schedules and what we spend our time on. 
The list goes on and on. 
I could write a novel about it. 
So what are the lessons from all of this??

1. Focus on things you can influence!!!!!!! 
2. Stop trying to predict the impossible!!!!!!! 
3. Don't be afraid to jump into the UNKNOWN!!!!!! 
4. Give the universe a chance to RESPOND to your hard work and give it the blessing to come to you.

One of the BEST DECISIONS I made in my life when I started producing music was to follow my INSTINCT. 
You also have to get over your ego and start learning from the experienced. 
And it's not usually free, unfortunately.. 
The most expensive and valuable thing is time well spent. 

I believe that YOU too can start building what your heart desires. 
It starts with you. 
It starts with your IDEAS and then it will manifest in reality. 
Do me ONE favor... 
Don't forget these 4 things.

1. Focus on things you can influence!!!!!!!  
2. Stop trying to predict the impossible!!!!!!!  
3. Don't be afraid to jump into the UNKNOWN!!!!!!  
4. Give the universe a chance to RESPOND to your hard work and give it the blessing to come to you.

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