Sat, Jun 4, 2022

Success doesn't always have to be measured by the amount of money you make - sometimes you just have to do it for the love and the people around you. Either way, a few sound pieces of advice never hurt, right?

1. Start with a solid building foundation 

"At the end of the day, it's not so much about the style you're focusing on as it is about having a really great and specific idea for a project.Even though it takes a lot of things to make it happen, at the end of the day it still has to all hold together and have a solid foundation. It's exactly one of the things you need most of all. 
It's almost like a phrase." 

A solid foundation is the most important thing, it ALWAYS will be. 
If you don't have it, the wind blows and your efforts are gone.

2. Do you know your environment?

" It takes a while to get used to a room, its sound and how the speakers fit together. The more time you spend there producing, the better you get to know the dynamics. 
Some artists who travel constantly,work with just their laptop.With different kinds of headphones.And with sonarworks for example.That's fair enough, but we wanted to concentrate all our efforts in one place so we didn't have to worry about unfamiliar speakers, missing equipment or overdriven inputs. Lots of unknowns we don't want.That's why it's good to take the time to calibrate our monitors.Know our room.Treat what we can and use everything we have available. 

So advice 2 is - We need to know our space well. Make use of all the gadgets available like Sonarwoorks,Waves,Native Instruments etc.

3. Think of the space above your head room

We have a limited amount of space on the soundstage.Whether you want to or not, you have to respect the limits.Headroom is one of them.If your signal is too hot when recording, even holy water won't help.You can move on and start trying different recording techniques, trying different microphone positions, etc. Experimenting and finding the right settings is the only way to get better songs. If you don't, you'll have a bad recording from the start and nothing will help you (remember there's always something to fix!!!). 
Plan !!! Learn to plan and you will see and hear results.


4. Good technique (Still Learn)

Today, it's great that anyone can learn how to create a song. It's not about whether you know how to play an instrument, it's about whether you know how to work with programs and what makes a good song ("Good song"). 
If you know how to put it together and how to use chords and scales in that regard.


5. Be prepared to invest your own money (In yourself). 

Some musicians say : Our records never sold much and now we are more popular than ever. Record companies come and go and we always find one. It's about getting interesting contracts, but we really focus on making good music and our show. 

We definitely spend a lot of our own money, but I mean, if no one gives me a budget for a video, I'll make it myself!!!! I think we're still pretty much new to the market and the progression forward is still evident. Don't look for doubts and you'll see that it makes sense to invest in it. 
You are investing in yourself !!! If you don't support the people around you and pay them for their efforts. they still won't pay you for yours.


6. Discipline,Start with good sounds 

When you find such sounds, try not to destroy them. It seems obvious, but it's easier to ruin a sound than to fix it, Because fixing things while you're writing is easier than making a lot of corrections later !!! 
Rewriting choruses and such !!! Learn to have a solid plan for everything.Have it practiced before you go into the studio and spend a lot of money wasting time.Because if you come unprepared it will be the result of your preparation


That was six tips for today. 
I hope you enjoyed the article and that it helped you to clarify how things are. 
Thanks for your attention.